Accounts Payable

Automate tedious data entry and tracking processes and gain even in remittance

Accounts Payable Management

Let Roadmap ERP's Accounts Payable (AP) module empower you with total control over your payables and keep you in the good books of your Suppliers. AP has automated grueling processes like, forecasting cash needs, tracking supplier balances, keeping a tab on payments schedule, notifying due dates well in advance, remitting payment on priority, and maximizing discounts. In further AP is programmed to enter debit / credit notes in dual mode, and make cancellations / adjustments, etc.


Be furnished with periodically cleaned up, effective AP Aging Analysis and Report.

Track historical payables and manage all outstanding payments without any default.

Take pleasure in the ease of processing multiple currencies in multiple payment modes.

Be informed of missing links, if any, in the documentation process of the payables chain and see that it remains intact.

Be updated with the actual Vs budget situation anywhere anytime.

Benefit from the knowledge of bill-wise and item-wise Bill Registers.

Extending the Power of Roadmap ERP

The Roadmap ERP’s core applications are designed to ready-fit 50+ industry types. Yet if there might be any mismatch between your business process requirements and the ERP, our ERP can easily be customized to match your needs in no time.

  • Own your ERP on Cloud; pay much reduced implementation cost; and enjoy continued service on monthly subscriptions.

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