Streamline your Supply Chain Management

Gain clear vision of your mission, recognize and seize opportunities, and succeed.

Roadmap ERP's Supply Chain Management System

Roadmap ERP's Supply Chain Management suite empowers you to effectively organize Demand Management procedures; maintain scheduled break-free chain of Communication; and enjoy the efficiency and ease in handling the comprehensively integrated modules and tangle-free network of Supply Chain. Powered by the ease of access to all data amassed in a single common repository, simplify the complexity of transactions involved in the Supply Chain Management process.

Be equipped with real-time Business Intelligence, and reduce operating cost and time between cash-to-cash cycles; by efficiently scheduling procurement, manufacturing, and transportation. Ensure client satisfaction by timely delivery actuated by synchronized action between supply network, distribution and manufacturing. Get the Roadmap ERP advantage, gain the clear vision of your mission, quickly recognize opportunities, seize the opportunity, and inevitably succeed.


Align with Roadmap's sales gears and accomplish jolt-free supply chain management.

Inventory Control

Elevate your vision and gain the panoramic view of your Inventory throughout the Supply Chain, achieve superior efficiency in all its aspects, and at all times strike balance between Supply and Demand.
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Purchase Order

Automate your procurement procedure; while enjoying complete visibility of the process as it flows through the aptly aligned departments and cost efficiently actualizes through online provisions.
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Effortlessly handle the entire subcontracting procedure through the automated competence of the module, and just witness the safe, cost-effective, and hassle free accomplishment of the process.

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Gate Entry Management

Adorn and guard your gates and never miss out on what is coming in or what is going out, through semi-automated easy to operate gate entry registries, documentations, and consignment tracking.
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Saturate the efficiency of your Transportation facility and satiate your thirst for achieving excellence in keeping up perfect delivery schedules through time-tested processing and accurate data projections.

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Sales Order

Pave your way with success with each of your Sales Order accomplishment, realized by the most efficient Sales Order process built on the foundation of delivering absolute Customer satisfaction.
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Quality Control Management

Get habituated to delivering top quality products and constantly keep improving your quality standards through stringent self-disciplining Quality Control process that meticulously leaves no room for error.

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Functions of Roadmap SCM

Centralized Workflow Approvals

Key to make critical decisions quickly and easily.

Inventory Tracking

Automatic increase/decrease of inventory count

Purchase Orders

Unlimited purchase orders and easily create a supplier invoices easily.


Unlimited Suppliers and Handling of Supplier performance rating

Goods Receipts

Authenticate deliveries, track status of purchased goods, and ensure quality. All in one location.

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Inventory Tracking

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Centralized Workflow Approvals

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Purchase Orders

QR Code

Our ERP stipulates the assignment of QR codes to the Products meant to replenish your Inventory at the Supplier end itself. This automates your Gate Entry process by eradicating data entry and the resultant possibility of incorrect data filing. It facilitates the recording of Inventory transactions as they happen, thereby, maintaining current inventory status in your central database repository.

Key Features of Roadmap SCM

Roadmap supply chain functionality is designed for complete automation and support end to end supply chain processes, which includes,

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Inventory Management

For extensive outlook of Inventory control, the module of Roadmap aids your organization in stocking and tracking the instable materials and streamlines the functional activities.
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Order and Billing Management

The complete automated invoicing software pepped up with revenue processes, control the quote and order cash flow and enable customized project-based payment terms.

Logistics and Transportation tools

Give-a-lift to your logistics and expand your access globally! Our product revved-up reliably in every trait of customer operations, goods transportation and service offering.

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Supplier Collaboration

Get the edge of incorporating your Supplier into your Procurement procedure, through our unique 'Supplier Portal', which shares your workload with your Supplier, by means of generating the Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) and by assigning a QR code to it.

Warehouse Management

Roadmap compact warehouse system offers the functionality needs of warehousing, serial tracking and distribution with zero interface maintenance.

End-to-End Visibility of Your Supply Chain in Real Time

For modern manufacturers, 360 degree visibility is offered in risk management, procurement, customer satisfaction and more to optimize the use of resources in supply chain.