Activity Based Costing

Stringently monitors workflow and competitively costs the product

Roadmap ERP's Activity Based Costing

The Roadmap ERP's Activity Based Costing (ABC) module focuses on enhancing profitability, through refining the costing system of the production process, by rendering 'individual activities' as 'fundamental objects' of Costing. The module pioneers in this process, and identifies/segregates individual units of work (activities) in your Production process, and assigns each activity with its actual functioning cost, by evaluating its consumption of resources, both direct and indirect (Overheads), to the entirety.


The costing system employed by this model identifies unproductive activities, on which valuable resources are used in vain; and prompts you to better allocate those resources to efficient and profitable activities, and achieve continuous improvement in your business processes.

The accurate reporting and analysis of overhead costs by this module allows you to have better cost information of your manufacturing expenses, enabling you to compare the same with the Selling Price of your Products and determine if they are overpriced or underpriced; and fix their costs appropriately.

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Case Studies

Our client is the first company in Asia to manufacture automobile service station equipments. Having sensed the huge potential and requirement in the field of servicing automobiles, our client established a R & D center to carry our Research on key products.


VAAS Group commence operations in 1980 as a trading house focusing on high quality industrial valves. Promoted by a valve technocrat, the philosophy of the group has always been to provide the user with the optimum solution to their value needs.