Gate Entry Management

Easy to operate, yet powerful faculty to
monitor and register Gate activities

Gate Entry Management

Assimilate your Gate Entry procedure with your Purchases, Subcontract, Commercial, and Maintenance Departments; and the concerned receptors, reciprocators and service providers, using the Roadmap Gate Entry Management module to ensure the most proficient and seamless controlling of your gates. This module is very user friendly, that even your security personnel can be easily trained to make quick entries.


Have perpetual access to the details of Transportation facilities entering and leaving your premises; and the incoming and outgoing materials, documents, etc., through the Gate Entry Management module's incessantly maintained registry.

Be in knowledge of the weight of all materials entering / leaving your business zone through the module's ability to capture the weight of incoming / outgoing vehicles, and calculate the necessary data using the relative gross weight against its tare weight.

The module tracks, registers, and updates itself and remains at your beck and call to furnish details regarding returnable material with due dates for return, and details of material that are already pending return.

Consolidating DCs created from multiple sources, generating single / multiple outward entry with vehicle details, DC to DC matching / mapping, and issuing visitor Gate Pass are other automated / manual facilities attributed to your business by the Gate Entry Management module.

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Gate Entry Management


The modules integration with the Purchase Order, Subcontract, Commercial, Plant Maintenance modules; and other concerned external aspects, enables efficient Gate Entry Management.

Easy Handling

Control your gates efficiently through the very user friendly Roadmap ERP Gate Entry Management module that could be handled even by your security personnel.

Flawless Registry

Access the details of all movements in and out of your business venue through the Gate Entry Management module's ability to track and register all incoming and outgoing details.

Assess Load Weight

Know the weight of materials entering and leaving your premises by using the data furnished regarding the gross weight and tare weight of vehicles coming inside and going out of your company.


Track and gain details regarding returnable material and their due dates; and alerts on returnable material that are pending return, through the Gate Entry Management facilities tracking faculty.


The semi-automated Gate Entry Management module manages the issuance of all kinds of DCs, and visitor Gate Pass ; and makes Gate Entries at the very scan of QR codes.

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