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Roadmap ERP on Cloud

Our ERP on Cloud is a full-featured software Suite that offers end to end business solutions for more than 50 industry types. The efficiency of cost and time in implementing the solution is a major attribute of our ERP on cloud that facilitates all businesses, especially the Small and Medium sized Enterprises, to salvage their ambition to incorporate our ERP into their business. The internet powered integration, Oracle Saas platform, Scalability are other major advantages we offer; through a subscription based revenue system. This means you get the advantage of our full suite ERP for your business by just paying a monthly usage fee based on number of users. You can also avail our ERP on Cloud for HR & Payroll Management, Customer Service Management, and Facilities Management as separate dedicated units.

Merits of Roadmap’s On-Cloud ERP Variants

Affordability & Profitability

Roadmap’s On-Cloud option in comparison to the On-Premise solution involves a minimal upfront investment, and virtually requires no investment on hardware, user licenses, energy, maintenance, configuration, upgrades, IT staff, and other IT frameworks/infrastructure. This guarantees maximum savings on implementation; personnel and maintenance, and energy expenses thereby doubling the potential to reap the Return on Investment (ROI)

Quick and Economic Implementation

The Implementation duration of Roadmap ERP on Cloud is very short. Roadmap ERP On-Cloud, in particular, comes with a very short implementation curve of just 5 weeks. This efficiency of cost and time in implementing Roadmap ERP’s On-Cloud variants proves to be the most economic choice for all companies, especially the SMEs to avail the complete digital excellence of our full-suite ERP.

Versatility & Scalability

Roadmap On-Cloud solution’s proven scalability, resource pooling, and resource elasticity of cloud-based ERP offers high level strategic flexibility and competitiveness to challenge any market scenario. It also helps to increase or decrease the number of users at will and expand into new markets and new geographical areas with confidence. Roadmap’s satisfied customers across 50+ industry verticals are proof enough for the system’s tenacity.

Cloud Security

Roadmap cloud security is designed to protect resources stored online from leakage, theft, or data loss; and to safeguard cloud environments from unauthorized use/access, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, hackers, malware, and other risks.




Our ERP System Can Be Deployed in the Cloud or On-Premise

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