Routing , Bill of Material and Demand Management

Channelize; assess; ascertain your business standings; and plan appropriately

Routing , Bill Of Material and Demand Management


Deploy the Roadmap ERP's Routing module into the production planning process of your business; and comprehensively identify all the enterprise resources needed to produce the Product, easily define the steps required for production, obtain total knowledge of all details relating to the process, gain clarity of the description of all the operations required, and be in possession of the ultimate sketch that exhibits the entire Production process and the time required to complete the process. Further have the automated advantage of being in control of a Primary Routing and an Alternative Routing.

The module's tight integration with the planning, quoting and proposal writing, production planning and operations, and cost accounting departments; and the Bill of Materials (BOM), and Bill of Resources (BOR) modules ensure the efficient conduct of business.

Be it Repetitive manufacturing workflow or Discrete manufacturing workflow be loaded with the Roadmap Routing facility that delivers process maps with absolute precision.

Gain access to real-time information of the production process even at operator levels, and be in control at all times to resolve production issues by altering item routings, thereby optimizing your productivity.

Eliminate all possible clumsiness that may be caused by multiple systems by means of having unified control and visibility of the workflow, offered by our Routing module.

Always be knowledgeable of the real time value of the product right through the workflow, through the real-time visibility, and actual cost projections provided by the module.

Bill of Materials

The Roadmap ERP's Bill of Materials module gives a crystal clear perspective of your Product, from your Manufacturing and Financial standpoint. This allows you to achieve error-free planning right from running MRP, processing PO, raising PO up till completion of the Product. Integrate all the departments involved in the manufacturing procedure of your business to the BOM module and attain cost and time efficiency without compromising on quality and lead-time. Further, the BOM module organizes the Production schedule by linking the processes involved in the entire workflow.


The Bills of Material module directly links any process to its requisite materials, and paves way for the Material Requirement Planning (MRP) module to schedule the availability of the required materials just at the beginning of the process, thus, reducing Carrying cost to optimize the cost efficient conduct of Inventory.

The module ensures that your organization has complete control over the product structure, by way of seeing to that all the departments integrated to perform the manufacturing process, gain access to the same information; thus, ruling out all possibilities for misconception.

Gain the edge of controlling the Manufacturing procedure with multi-level Bills of Material and be provided with the display of all items in a parent-children relationship illustrated in tree form.

The modules provision of Phantom items gives the advantage of being able to logically group sub-assemblies (SA).

Easily accomplish the manufacturing of Make-to-Stock items; and especially, Make-to-Order items with the flexibility offered by the module to apply process-specific alterations to the respective workflows.

The BOM module gives you the option of having Primary and Alternate Bills of Material and empowers you to choose between the two as and when applicable and be at an advantageous position in accomplishing your manufacturing process.

Demand Management

The Roadmap Demand Management module handles the process of analyzing Made to Stock, Made to Order, and Project material requirements; and presents before you a consolidated report of the demand of materials for your Production process.

The module gives you a clear picture of materials required to accomplish the Production of your Finished Goods, and alerts you with details of your actual standings Vs demand for material.

The flawless reporting of this module empowers you to meet all Customer Demands without any stress.

Always be ready to direct your business in the right path and be unwavering on the constantly wavering market conditions, to meet real-time demand.