General Ledger

Strategize comprehensively, aided by integration and financial projections

General Ledger Management

Roadmap ERP's General Ledger module stores data from all the other modules linked to it in a single common repository and ensures ready availability of real-time fiscal information along with inclusive real-time reports at all times. This complete integration and real-time projections effect the efficient and expedient decision making for critical financial situations or even otherwise.


Keeps you at the vantage point of gaining the overall view of cash flow so that you always have a clear picture of your periodical expenses.

Procure a comprehensive account of your actual financial scenario as opposed to the objective set by your budget.

Time is money. Gain on it by means of the Roadmap ERP's AP, AR, and integrated modules facilities.

Acquire accurate and real-time view of your financial statements anywhere anytime and keep your financial structure in order.

Handle multiple currencies with the ease of automated financial / customs exchange rates.

Enjoy the freedom of hassle free appropriation of statutory requirements.

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