Make new products, while continuously refining the existing ones


The Roadmap ERP's Engineering module involves in new product development, and improving existing products based on the difficulties faced by clients, by raising an Engineering Change Request (ECR). Subsequent to the raising of the ECR the Engineering module takes care of the entire process of bringing about the approved change to your Product and ensuring customer safety/satisfaction.


The system manages various engineering activities such as handling engineering change request, work order, engineering change note, engineering routing, bill of materials and all the necessary documents, thereby, satisfies the entire Engineering Change process almost effortlessly and very smoothly.

The Roadmap ERP's Engineering solution enables you to explore new arenas; find new avenues; and build new empires, by exploring on your behalf, the undiscovered customer requirements, through New Product Development Questionnaires, and New Product Development, based on its results.


Maintaining the following documents

Production Procedure

Process Check List

Testing & Inspection procedure

Tool Intimation Note

Parts Addition and Deletion.

Component Specification

Final Product Inspection.

Engineering Specifications.

Packing Procedure.

Installation Procedure.

Incoming Component Inspection

Service Instruction.

Drawing Revision Intimation.

Critical Spare Parts.

Supplier Product Specification.

Case Studies

Our client is the first company in Asia to manufacture automobile service station equipments. Having sensed the huge potential and requirement in the field of servicing automobiles, our client established a R & D center to carry our Research on key products.


VAAS Group commence operations in 1980 as a trading house focusing on high quality industrial valves. Promoted by a valve technocrat, the philosophy of the group has always been to provide the user with the optimum solution to their value needs.