Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

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Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Roadmap's professionals are trained to develop Business Intelligence (BI) solutions using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition BI tool. The BI tool facilitates the projection of real-time business reports, like, predictive reports based on analysis of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These reports are made available to you through Dashboards and Scorecards, thus, providing you with deeper insights into your business.

These real-time data and powerful forecasts are presented to you in the form of graphs or pie-diagrams on any device, at anytime, from anywhere. The BI tool developed by our experts pioneers in enhancing your business performance and productivity, by keeping you informed on invoices, backlog, vendor, production performance, etc; and by alerting you of potential threats, downtrends, production lapses, etc, thereby enabling you to control, handle, and solve all issues well in time.

The data mining capability of the BI tool generated by our professionals; gains access to your business' data dating back to more than a decade and present them to you in the form of graphical representations, and, thus in the process, also performs the Data Warehousing function for your business.

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