The highly scalable and adaptable solution simplifies and streamlines the flawless appropriation of all GST components.

GST - Taxation

Roadmap ERP’s scalable and adaptable taxation solution is designed to simplify and streamline the transition from the existing taxation procedures to GST, and flawlessly automate the calculation and appropriation of all the components of GST. Further the module is flexible to aptly adapt and fit in between any industry and the GST regime’s scenario; and bring about the GST oriented digitization of any company’s record maintenance; Accounting, Finance, and Taxation procedures; standardization of invoice capturing process, for both sales and purchases; and statutory compliance requisites.


The GST regime assigns multiple HSN codes to the same product when sold to different customers. Roadmap’s Taxation unit tackles this complexity through its faculty to generate the fitting HSN code to any Product in accordance to the customer type.

Our taxation solution is devised to incorporate the GST regime’s HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) code and SAC (Services Accounting Code); and satisfy the statutory requisites of Invoicing for all industry types.

The high scalability of the solution is capable of incorporating any change that might be attributed to the GST structure and/or slab in the future.

To handle instances; where, according to the mode of transaction, different tax rates are attributed to a single HSN code; the module is devised, at the Master and Transaction levels, to apply tax percentages that correspond to the mode of transaction.

Be in control of the taxation process of your business through the Taxation module's integration with all the other modules dealing with business components that contribute to the taxation procedure.

Boost the credibility of your business through timely remittance of taxes with due date notifications and automated taxation procedures.

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