Batch Costing

Efficiently determine the cost of products manufactured in batches

Roadmap ERP's Batch Costing

If your Product needs to be produced in batches, to be assembled to constitute Finished Goods, then the Roadmap ERP's Batch Costing module comes to your aid to facilitate the Costing of your Product using Batch Costing method. Common products among orders received from different customers are produced in predetermined quantities called batches; and the costs of Direct Labor, Direct Material, and Overheads involved in the process are added up; and aptly projected against the Equivalent Units of Production (EUP) factor to determine the entire Cost of production, and this total amount is divided by the number of units produced per batch to determine the individual price of a unit.


The Batch Costing module easily groups the items as a batch; automatically numbers the batches; efficiently records the material issued (DM), scrap, labor time (DL), and Overhead (OH); and calculates and projects costs for different batches, to be compared in order to determine total cost spent.

The Module's ability to divide the difference between the applied and actual overheads, using adjusted allocation-rate approach, pro-ration approach, and write-off to cost of goods sold approach; gives you precision in ascertaining your overheads while costing your Product.

The module's capability to determine actual cost, average cost and normal cost for Finished Goods; generate periodical product cost for each batch; apply OH, based on labor/machine hours; track WIP status; and monitor Finished Goods; gives you total knowledge to sequentially Cost your Product.

Batch-wise Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II); reports on yield estimation, and financial analysis; time card facility for issue of material; and resource usage entry for each batch, are other features of the module that come together to help you cost your Products.

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