Project Management

Guaranteed on-time, within budget, efficient Project completion

Project Management

The Roadmap ERP's Project Management solution is designed to suit any kind of Project; in order to facilitate the harmonious unified application of diverse kinds of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to Project activities to meet the project requirements. The system tightly guides the processing of all the aspects of any given Project and updates, notifies, alerts, and enables you to expertly manage your Project right from its inception, through Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, till Closing; all well within the defined beginning & end time, and defined scope & resources.

The software is also designed to be deployed in Project Manufacturing; wherein even the manufacture of Project materials becomes your business. The module efficiently accomplishes this process through its integration with our Supply Chain Management, Planning and Manufacturing, Cost Management, Plant maintenance, and Human Resources suites; and Business Intelligence service.

Our predictive analysis based on information from precedents, accurate material and resource requirement information, plant maintenance support and Business Intelligence services enable you to easily manage resources and materials, create and analyze plans, schedule, budget, and run evaluations on profitability; make informed decisions; and Close your Projects well within their stipulated time and budget.


This module calculates overall project costs as well as classified costs such as task-wise, milestone-wise, resource-wise costs; and empowers you to apply necessary alterations to selective or overall expenses when and where necessary, thereby ensuring the completion of the project within budget.

Interactive dashboards enabled easy to interpret graphical representations of real-time KPI analyses; project history, project status, and project progress; capacitates you to easily visualize and manage resources and materials, minimize typical project risks, and control all aspects of the Project.

Our MRP-I and MRP-II powered module analyzes your Inventory status against the Project requirements, and presents you a comprehensive report on material & resource requirements for the entire Project; and empowers you to identify and manage capacity bottlenecks in design, production, assembly and service.

The solution's capacity to compare current project status to actual plan, and manifest the results through our Business Intelligence faculty; enables Project Managers to adjust schedules or apply necessary alterations to resources to keep the project on track, and actuate on-time completion of the Project.

The ability of the system to evaluate the success rate of Projects and assess the quality of finished goods or solutions, based on certified standards and client approval statuses; facilitates the maintenance of a Project history and success rate registry; which shall serve as precedents for future Projects.

The Project Management module represents actual work done against the estimated amount of work for any time period using Gantt's Charts; thereby enabling you to have a clear cut view of where Project progress does not match the resources spent, and ratify apt corrections.


Project Management

To be scheduled accurately, a project must first be decomposed into each fundamental task or activity. Precedence relationships among the tasks and estimates of the time required to complete each task must then be obtained.


Projects are distinguished by the fact that they produce unique products; they require the completion of variety of tasks using variety of resources and human skills and task performance must be well coordinated to complete the project on time and within estimated value.


Materials can be issued to the projects through Roadmap's Inventory control or purchase order can be placed through Roadmap's Purchase Order to deliver the goods directly to the projects site.

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