Cash Management

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Cash Management

Roadmap ERP's Cash Management module enables the comfortable and prompt management of cash flow generated by the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable activities. Aided by its accuracy in forecasting and handling flow of cash, in all its forms, right from its origin till its deployment; you can systematically monitor and channel movement of cash, allowing bank accounts to reconcile with financial accounts in a timely fashion. Transacting Bank charges, Interest and Loan Installments are other benefits wrought out of this module.


Easily channelize cash between bank accounts, and keep a tab on funds that are in transit.

Benefit from the integration between the modules that effect the simplification of Bank Reconciliation processes.

Stay in tune with the course of your cash, through the provision of real-time analysis on the inward and outward movement of your finances.

Guided by the module's accurate forecast of your financial standings, based on actual Vs predicted cash scenario; recover the investment on your business inputs within a short period.

Track your cheques, both issued and received and stay free of anxiety.

Gain clarity on your cash oriented financial status through the modules ability to furnish you with bank book, cash book and bank reconciliation statements.

Timely processing of payments / receipts against invoices

Roadmap Cash Management system provides timely processing of payments / receipts against invoices or any other advices through cheque / DD / Bank Transfers / cash and allows reconciling bank accounts with financial accounts quickly and easily. Miscellaneous transactions such as Bank charges, Interest and Loan instalments are also processed appropriately.

Multiple Bank Accounts with different currencies of operation.
Multiple petty cash accounts and supports payment / receipt to / from customer, suppliers, employees and transfer to other petty cash.
Preparation of payment voucher and payment through cheque / cash / DD / bank transfer,Cash flow estimation.

Bank Transactions

Advance payment against (1) Purchase Order (2) Proforma Invoice.

Issuance of post dated cheque and auto posting.

Receipt against (1) Customer Invoices (2) Revenue

Advance receipt against (1) Sales Orders (2) Proforma Invoice

Cash receipt from multiple customers and single deposit

Foreign receipts bank advice entry (Charges at offshore, Local Handling).

Receipt of post dated cheque and auto posting.

Multi currency receipts from customer

Bank Charges entry.

Fund transfer entry between bank accounts.

Bank Interest calculation.

Clear / Void Payment / Receipt documents

Load the bank statements(text file) and clear the matched documents.

Bank Reconciliation

Cash Transaction & Forecasting

Payment for (1) Supplier bills (2) Expenses (3) Processed Payroll (4) Employee Payables (5) Tax Authorities .

Miscellaneous Payment / Receipt (1) Supplier (2) Customer (3) Employee (4) Cash (5) Imprest.

Advance payment against PO.

Receipt against (1) Customer Invoices (2) Revenue.

Advance cash receipt from customer.

Petty Cash Reversal / Cancel.

Generation of Cash Forecasting and comparing with actual

Actual Cash Inflow / outflow analysis.

Supplier / Customer Document Adjustment.

Tracking un-cleared cheques issued and received.

Bank book, cash book and bank reconciliation statement.


Benefits of Cash Management

Cash Forecasting Analysis
Cash Outflow
Cash Inflow
Actual cash inflow / outflow Analysis
Bank Interest calculation
Track uncleared/Post dated chq.

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