Material Requirement Planning

Identify the pros and cons of material requirements; and Produce efficiently

Material Requirement Planning

The Roadmap ERP's Material Requirement Planning (MRP) module is fed with data from Master Production Schedule, Demand Management, and Bill of Material modules; enables you to have a clear picture of BOM Vs Inventory Vs Demand scenario; and 'explodes' the results to give you accurate details for precisely planning your procurement and production processes.


The module's release process manages, plans, schedules, and controls your Inventory, Production, and Purchase processes, and automatically generates Purchase Requests, Subcontract Requests, and Production Orders.

Be gifted with the faculty to identify all your production requirements, and recognize all hitches involved in the process; and be able to satisfy / solve them appropriately, by means of the multi-level planning, and multi-level projection of data at all stages and from all prospects.

The MRP module's integration with KANBAN inventory control powered Inventory Control module enables you to actuate just on-time Purchases to meet Production needs, thus, ruling out all extended Carrying costs.

Control and meet the Demand for an item even if it may need one or more networks of your replenishment organizations, powered by the Multi-Organization Planning capability of the module.

Roadmap Success Stories

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Roadmap brought effectively controlled material management system across all the strategic units, leading to accurate financial data accumulation and aging visibility.

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