Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II)

Gain the aptitude to manufacture through incessant supply of resources

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II)

A unique advantage of incorporating the Roadmap ERP system with your business is the ERP's Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) module. MRP II, determines the resources required for the planned Order Release quantity, by running Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP) and a Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP), on the data assimilated from the Demand Management, Master Production Scheduling, and Material Requirement Planning modules. Further the MRP II's linking with the Plant Maintenance department and Shop Floor, projects you with details of your equipments, in terms of planned machine downtime, etc; and labor resources, in terms of attendance, contribution, productivity, etc.


With the precision support of the Roadmap's MRP II, achieve on-time delivery for every production order you execute by making sure that you are supplied with the right kind and amount of materials at the right time of execution of each of your Production processes.

Give your company the competitive upper hand offered by the MRP II module, by empowering your employees with the benefit of a clear understanding of the modus operandi of the respective processes they are deployed into, thereby empowering them to do more in any given time frame.

Get the best out of your equipments by reducing machine downtime; cut down on Inventory expenses through accurate 'resource required' Vs 'available capacity' reports; and make optimal use of your resources by much reduced discharge of wastage during Production, thus gaining on your Capital cost.

Take the right decision through the precision of vision offered by MRP II's dual level Rough Cut Capacity Planning, one Routing-based, where 'Resource' required and available 'Capacity' are projected in terms of hours per week per resource; and the other Rate-based, where 'Resource' required and available 'Capacity' are projected in terms of production rate per week per production line.

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