Budget Management

Precision budgeting solutions for all levels of business activity

Roadmap ERP's Budget Management

The Roadmap ERP's Budget Management suite, through complete financial data integration and system automation; offers time efficient, accurate, flexible, and scalable budgeting solutions. The solution's accurate predictions and real-time data usage ensures that your strategies and budgets are aligned to the financial climate at all times, thereby, maximizing the adaptability quotient of your business; reducing risk; and optimizing opportunity.

The suite makes you to excel in your budgeting solutions and enables you to prepare instantaneous budget; extract sales forecast data; develop Production plan; generate comprehensive report; and abolish time consuming and tedious data entry.

In further, generation of reports on sales budget, production budget, and purchase budget, direct labor budget, manufacturing overhead cost budget, G & A budget, budgeted profit & loss statement, and budgeted cash flow statement; supports the finance oriented activities of your business.


Acquire financial intelligence and enhance analytical capabilities to analyze, assess, and appropriate accurate financial solutions.

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Static Budgeting


Recognize the difference in behavior between actual scenario and expected scenario; budget; scale the difference; and excel.

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Flexible Budgeting


View your business from multiple perspectives; choose the ones that fit; and adjust your plans to align with forecasted market trends.

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Rolling Budgeting

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