Plant Maintenance

Maximize machine efficiency and minimize unexpected downtime

Plant Maintenance

Get the Roadmap ERP's Plant Maintenance (PM) software's protective cover for the equipments/machinery that constitute your shop floor; optimize the operational efficiency of your machinery; and know where to invest to avoid unexpected machine downtime. At any time access the maintenance history of your equipment; and review, update, budget, stock, and schedule the maintenance of your machinery, even as you do the material and resources planning for the manufacturing of your Product.

By closely following the activity and maintenance aspects of your machinery, our PM solution facilitates the analysis and assessment of the stature of individual components of your equipments, and assigns them Preventive or Predictive or Breakdown maintenance schedules, as is appropriate. The tracking facility of the module that maintains a vector of machine spares in stock, especially the ones with rare availability quotients; through timely notifications, propels you to procure and maintain a healthy stock of machine spares in your Inventory.

Further, through the maintenance of records of component-specific operational cost of the equipments involved in your manufacturing process; our PM software facilitates a complete financial assessment of the shop floor and guides you to make informed budgeting decisions.


Roadmap Plant Maintenance

Roadmap Plant Maintenance Streamlines your operation and provides necessary dues information mandatorily required to maximize the performance of assets.


Better Organizing

Better Organizing, planning and maintenance activities are the most powerful features. We integrate and provide a better prominent maintenance solution.


Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions for all assets are handled effectively and brought to the quick attention of the operator whoever is subjected for the maintenance operations.


The Preventive maintenance scheduling facilitated by the module ensures the periodic, mostly daily, maintenance, involving cleaning, inspection, oiling and re-tightening of machines; and retains the healthy condition of equipments, and prevents failure through minimizing deterioration.

The system continuously tracks; periodically inspects, diagnoses, and assesses important components of your machinery, in order to maximize its 'service life'; and triggers notifications whenever there is a need for change or servicing of spares, and actuates the Predictive maintenance of your manufacturing units.

Breakdown maintenance comes to act, where, failure of equipment will not greatly affect manufacturing or generate any loss other than servicing cost; by utilizing the equipment until it fails, and then servicing it to be put to good repair; thus, saving on unnecessary Preventive/Predictive maintenance expenditure.

The Spares Planning faculty of the PM system periodically tracks the availability of critical spares using serial numbers assigned to them; periodically updates the concerned Inventory status; helps you to aptly maintain the stocking of spares in your Inventory, and address all kinds of maintenance schedules without a hitch.

The verification of the warranty status and deployment details of spares, in the event of their failure, is facilitated by the respective serial numbers attributed to them, thereby enabling you to easily determine premature failure of parts, and render the vendors accountable in all such cases.

The Plant Maintenance solution generated MTTR and MTBF analysis, facilitates you to measure the average efficiency of your equipments and helps you schedule your production process appropriately; while the 5 Why Analysis helps you to determine the very root cause of discrepancies.

Equipment Handling

Superior equipment handling and their timely maintenance helps to keep track of maintenance records, tools and operations required to maintain various equipment

Notifications are brought to the attention of the concerned authority where you can avoid over dues and maximize the life of assets

Shift ranges during which the maintenance has to be carried out and the resources to be deployed in each shift are defined as per the requirement

Maintenance dues Notifications are raised individually for every equipments for the specifically defined period

Roadmap Plant maintenance supports preventive, predictive and breakdown maintenance operation

Work shifts handling on the scheduled maintenance operations easily

Frequency Handling

100+ notifications are entitled to the customer for effective work management.

Different frequency

Different frequency types such as Variable date and Meter Readings depending on the task to be performed are handled to carry out the maintenance task.

Maintenance tasks

Maintenance tasks which requires shut down and Notifications can be defined as required


Enables the User to perform the maintenance activity without any deviation by making advance notification on the specified task.

Preventive Maintenance

Quick access to equipment information directly provides easier plant maintenance.

Preventive Schedules help to keep the machines up to date. Each and every breakdown is recorded with its problem. Work Orders generated for Preventive Maintenance and Breakdowns help to keep track of maintenance activities.

Information related to Annual Maintenance Contracts / Warranty and Preventive Schedules help to keep the machines up to date.

Association of Spares and Tools required for the maintenance of a Work Center.

Work Order is created from PM schedules automatically. By using plant maintenance software, managers can analyze maintenance costs and determine the proper allocation of resources for tasks such as capacity planning.

Preventive maintenance provides you an organized platform to plan, Organize and manage all you PM tasks and Schedules linked to the equipment.

Work Order

Work Orders creation and Down start and end time traceability to update the work order. External service maintenance operations are performed with the tracking of spares or Tools purchase.

Equipments handover after completing the Work order with its visibility option such as Hand over Date with its parent Work order number.

Breakdown Maintenance

Date during which the Breakdown had occurred in the work center. Checks whether the warranty is applicable for the equipment or not.

Planners for every maintenance activity can be appropriately defined based on the resource availability.

Creation of Work orders, Spares and resources consumption and Work Order Completion by the supervisor after completing the Job.

Spares, Tools and resources required to handle with the breakdown maintenance are configured

Case Studies

Our client is the first company in Asia to manufacture automobile service station equipments. Having sensed the huge potential and requirement in the field of servicing automobiles, our client established a R & D center to carry our Research on key products.


VAAS Group commence operations in 1980 as a trading house focusing on high quality industrial valves. Promoted by a valve technocrat, the philosophy of the group has always been to provide the user with the optimum solution to their value needs.


Efficient Resources Handling

By using Roadmap plant maintenance software, managers can analyze maintenance costs and determine the proper allocation of resources for tasks such as capacity planning.

List of Spares, operations and resources used to perform the maintenance tasks are configured to have effective maintenance operations

Tool details required for the maintenance types (Preventive, Predictive or both) and its required quantity can be defined

Provides visibility to Maintenance workers to know which tasks are completed or pending, which parts need stocking, and to view the placement of parts and supplies.