Fleet Management

Systematically organized; fail-proof management of fleets of any size

Roadmap ERP's Fleet Management

The Roadmap ERP's Fleet Management software streamlines the management, monitoring, accomplishment, and invoicing activities of your fleet of trucks, Lorries, trailers, buses, cars, etc, of any size. The solution updates you with details of maintenance history, fuel usage, oil change, tire & battery condition, and driver database; and powerfully tracks and handles insurance, asset management, tire & battery identification / management, inventory management, Lorry Receipt (LR) management, and all expenses associated with operating your fleet of motor vehicles.

The module's capacity to calculate your fleet's leasing charges based on per Kilometer, per day, per trip, per month, and on load basis; helps you to Invoice your clients of all categories, like, regional manufacturing companies, IT companies, goods transportation companies, etc.


The module tracks your fleet and updates you with details of unclosed/un-invoiced trip sheets; fixed asset purchases; insurance; pending trip allowances to drivers; vehicle-wise and brand-wise maintenance cost; and offers you a complete summary of accounts of the core functionality of your Fleet.

Our Fleet Maintenance solution maintains a vector of vehicles owned by your organization and the vehicles that your organization has rented from individual owners and presents the appropriate degree of ownership liabilities that pertain to you; and precisely defines the scope of your expense and responsibility limits.

The module automatically registers all expenses associated with vehicle trip; calculates sales commission for sales person/agent; analyses revenue/profit based on trip and vehicle; converts load order into trip sheets; and gives you lot of scope to concentrate on the core activities of your fleet.

The tire and battery identification faculty of our Fleet Management system facilitates the easy tire and battery management of your fleet, and rules out tire / battery theft; further the system's capability to maintain accurate driver database keeps you informed of driver accident, trip allowance, and insurance details.

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