Contract Costing

Get the aptitude to scale the cost of Contracts of all magnitude

Roadmap ERP's Contract Costing

The Roadmap ERP's Contract Costing module, irrespective of the magnitude of the contracted job, easily handles all the accounting procedures involved in the pact, and meticulously tracks down all intricate details right through the entire business cycle of the contract, starting from project registration; estimation; execution; accomplishment; invoicing; till generating profit and loss (or) income statement.


The module is equipped to Account contract types of different time spans; like the ones that start and end in a single financial period, and the ones that begin in one financial period and extend to several others; by relating the profit on the contract to appropriate accounting periods.

The module's close integration with the MRP and MRP-II modules of the ERP gives you accurate projections of material and resources required for the contract, thereby giving you the clarity to determine the expenditure you would have to incur to get the contract done.

The visibility offered by the module to view the contract activities, even to the extent of monitoring subcontracting details, gives you absolute control over all processes; thereby enabling you to effectively assess the Contract, and equipping you to efficiently cost the subcontracting activities too.

The module costs your Product based on actual expenses of Direct Labor and Direct Material; applies all Overhead, even idle man hour cost, based on labor or machine hours; and, thus, enables you to determine the Cost of the complete Contracting procedure accurately.

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