Financial Management

Accurate Financial Reporting churns out precise decisions and
GST compliant solution empowers smooth transition

Financial Management

The only common thread in link with all the other departments of any company is the Accounting and Finance Department. Roadmap ERP technology optimizes the process of that lifeline of your company through flawless Financial Reporting.

Such absolute precision in Financial Reporting enables you to engage in effective decision making to control operating cost, accelerate cash flow, and minimize risk. Further it empowers you to successfully accomplish business strategies and meet objectives, thus, edifying the structure of your company's financial set up, par excellence.

GST Compliant Taxation module: Our Taxation solution is devised to adapt and fit between the accounting scenario of any industry and the GST regime’s scenario; and smoothly streamline the transition to GST.

Financial Management Modules

Load your financial canon with the Roadmap ammunition.

General Ledger

Manage the organization of your business efficiently as Roadmap ERP's General Ledger module provides you with cutting edge financial reports for quick decision making and financial control.

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Accounts Payable

Keep your business in good standing with suppliers as Roadmap ERP's Accounts Payable module gives you the edge of its automated forecasting, tracking, due date notification, payments, etc.

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Accounts Receivable

Perform customer analysis and collection planning easily, with the automated scheduling and easy access to real-time collection history provided by Roadmap ERP's Accounts Receivable module.

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Cash Management

Handle cash flow, with the forecasting and processing accuracy provided by Roadmap ERP's Cash Management module, and achieve quick and easy reconciliation of bank and financial accounts.

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GST - Taxation

Deal with ease, the Taxation procedures of your organization, powered with the cleverly formulated calculation methodology and prompt appropriation facility offered by Roadmap ERP's Taxation module.

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Fixed Assets

Maintain and stay informed of your company's Fixed Assets, as Roadmap ERP's Fixed Asset module entirely manages your fixed assets and allows you to track them through all their categories and usage.

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Benefits of Financial Management for your Business


Make informed decisions through credible Financial Reporting based on accurate real-time data; and perform external and internal audits easily.

Global Access

Reach international markets effectively with cloud multi-currency, multi-language, and multi- company capabilities, as well as localized functionality.

Manage multiple entities

Integrate financials across multiple business entities including automated reporting, consolidation, payments, and cash management.

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