Accounts Receivable

ERP can allow organizations to give better and quicker response to Customers & Suppliers changing demands and needs.

Accounts Receivable Management

Roadmap ERP’s Accounts Receivable (AR) module capacitates you to document a complete account of your business receivables without a hitch. Cushioned by the automated scheduling tool and ease of access to collection history, you can perform customer analysis and organize your collection process almost effortlessly. Rule the Receivables process: Automatic Offset, a means generally used for AP, is devised into AR in Roadmap ERP to perform advanced sales analysis giving you the edge of procuring territory and individual sales person based Sales Performance, Commission, and Receivables inferences; and Cost of Sales information with multi-currency support.


Stay on top of your AR scenario via precise country-wise, area-wise, territory-wise, sub-territory-wise, customer-wise and currency-wise AR Aging Analysis and Report.

Schedule and calculate your receivables through Milestone based Revenue Recognition system.

Determine the financial health of your company's customers and avoid Credit Risk.

Be armed with the complete analysis of AR data and easy real-time access to it, and manage your receivables without any blemish.

Enhance potentials in forecasting your proceeds and increase your cash flow.

Monitor Exchange Rate Variances and handle unfavorable currency fluctuations involved in international business.

Roadmap Success Stories

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Accounts Receivable Features

Invoice Registration (Sales Invoicing).

Debit Note – (1) Distribution (Expenses) (2) Adjustment (Supplier / Customer).

Credit Note – (1) Sales Return (2) Distribution (Expenses) (3) Credit Note – Adjustment (Supplier / Customer).

Provision to update receipt date and calculation of aging based on receipt date.

Milestone based due date / amount calculation.

Handling Exchange Rate Variances.

Customer Invoices, Debit note, Credit note, Payment Receipts adjustments.

Non-Performing Assets.

Dunning Letter.

Benefits of Accounts Receivable

Lower transaction costs
Improve cash forecasting
Reduced bad debt
Improve cash flow
Higher staff productivity
Reduced write-offs


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