Quality Control Management

Stringent policies and proven methodology
consistently deliver best quality


Quality Control (QC) Management module assures the delivery of the ultimate aspect that any client expects of you, Quality. Unmitigated and proactive support delivered by the module ensures the quality assurance of your product right from the receipt of raw material, and through the production process up till the delivery of the resultant quality product at the client-desired destination. Our QC Management module provides comprehensive answers to the quality issues confronted by manufacturers committed to relentlessly and perennially deliver high quality products.


With our QC management module's total integration to your Production process, gain absolute control, through and through the entire process, even if it were to involve a Supplier, by extending your visibility to the quality of your Product on the very shop floor of the Supplier himself.

Our QC module gives you the advantage of taking your quality management practices to the next level by offering your QC department the liberty to define their own specimens at each level of the workflow of your Production, based on client-specific inferences.

Gain on production costs and time by detecting and rectifying quality compromises in the early stages of the Production process, by avoiding unexpected delays like unscheduled machine downtime; through real-time updates of your business, projected by our QC Management module.

Roadmap ERP's Quality Control Management module cuts out communication gaps across the Supply Chain, eliminates duplicate entries, and simplifies the QC audit process by projecting flawless results, thereby channeling you to arrive at right decisions.

With the flexibility offered by the module assign to it the appropriate features that would come together to meet the quality requisites to your business and eventually acquire the ability to track and control the quality processes via, inventories inspection, Audit trails, Supplier Performance rating, etc.

Improve your Product's quality, through the comprehensive Audit, powered by Gantt charts aided documentation, which provides you with planned activities Vs actual activities report, summary of activities, and automated delegation of instructions to all departments integrated to the QC module.


Legality compliance

Identification of improvement opportunities

Benchmark achievement

All of the above maximize operational excellence and improve business flow. Plan, execute and monitor an assortment of organizational audits and reviews, including internal or external appraisals of systems, processes, products, and environmental conditions; and assess the effectiveness of all remedial and preventive executions.


Tracking all your quality activities (plan, prioritize, assess, measure, improve

Identifying problems early

Managing the speedy process of correcting those problems

Managing all your training needs to keep people skills effective

Managing your tools and gages for up-to-date accuracy

Decreasing production quality costs


ISO 9001   ISO 14001   IHSAS 18001   SA 8000   ISO 22000

ISO 27000   ISO 17025   ISO 13485   ISO 9100   ISO 14001