Process Costing

Prudent costing of homogenous products gives them the unique edge in market

Roadmap ERP's Process Costing

The Roadmap ERP's Process Costing module evaluates the cost of the Product at each stage of its manufacture. Then, by procuring proportionate values from the individual per stage evaluations, it performs standard Accounting procedures involving standard Accounting formulae, and determines the minimum value of the homogeneous products manufactured by you. The module's capacity to do the Costing of your Product through two methods, namely, Full Absorption method, and Standard method offers you flexibility.


Owing to their undistinguishable nature, the USP of Homogeneous Products lies in their price. So it is imperative to cost them competitively and, yet, profitably. The module solves this complexity by guiding you through its standard procedures, and rendering your Product to be favorites in the market.

The flexibility of the module to increase or decrease as many as production processes desired; gives you the advantage to lower costs and refine quality. It also enables you to determine cost savings in the production process; and be driven to arrive at the most efficient costing of your Products.

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