How Goods Receipt Note is handled in Roadmap supply chain management

  • Priyadharshini K
  • 05-Sep-2017 09:42:10

How Goods Receipt Note is handled in Roadmap supply chain management

Goods Receipt Note is a document used to record the inward entry of any goods received at the premises of the organization. 

To facilitate an effective inventory control management, GRN plays an important role. Preparation of GRNs is important since it promotes proper inventory control and restricts the entry of unwanted and unauthorized goods in the organization.

We are here to provide you a GRN which helps you to kick out the hurdles faced while preparing the purchase receipts. 

As we have already discussed in our early blog of purchase receipt creation, the GRN Qty and the Receipt Qty are separately handled as shown. If you are handling with lot items, a unique lot number can be generated on a click event provision Generate Lot No.

Some Organizations may have Quality departments specifically and some may not. In the latter case, the accepted, rejected and AOD quantities will be entered in the GRN itself and received.

But in the former cases, GRN is moved to the Inspection department. Quality management module takes care of the scenario and creates an inspection document. Under Inspection document, we are able to track the Inspection characteristics, Parameters and specifications, Test certificate and such relevant quality information are traced.

You can also apply the financial implications on the GRN such as providing Tax classes, Taxes imposed for the purchases and all other financial data can be flavored to GRN. Here is the screen of GRN Finance for your reference.


Once the Inspection gets completed, the GRN is ready to receive now i.e., the goods are physically transferred to its respective storehouses once the GRN is received.
In Roadmap ERP, an additional feature of GRN is that, you can skip over the GRN financial implication screen and move on to receive as and when required. Also, bulk receiving of goods from different GRNs is possible which minimize the time consumption when huge number of GRNs to be received at the premises.


The perspective of GRN with relevant data such as accepted, rejected AOD (Accept on Deviation) quantities, Sales Order details, and Supplier information and of course Traceability from purchase request to receipt can be verified before it is received.


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